De Villiers Reserve Range

The De Villiers family introduced their first-hand experience in the Art of Winemaking to South-Africa more than Three Centuries ago.The continuation and fruition of these noble traditions is perpetuated by our Company today.These Wines are personally selected by Villiers from the choicest vineyards in the Cape;one of the oldest wine producing regions in the Southern Hemisphere.

De Villiers Chenin Blanc Reserve 2018

These uniquely hand selected grapes emanate from the wheat fields to the west of the cold South Atlantic of the Cape. The superb world-class Chenin, with a mixture of ripe guava and apricot scented fruit, with a hint of oyster and honey – dictated by its noble origins.


“The best Chenins worldwide originate from the Cape”. – Villiers de Villiers


Cultivar: 100 % Chenin Blanc


Price: R158/Bottle




Alchohol 13.02%
Ph 3.43
Residual Sugar 2.3 g/L
Acidity 6.1 g/L
Chenin Blanc Reserve

De Villiers Merlot Reserve 2010


A full-blooded rich ripe plummy Merlot – as the French sent their oak vats on the North-Atlantic Sea for six months to soften and “mature” their red wines in the 17th century this Merlot too must be shaken and stirred. Leave to breathe and decant at least six to twenty-four hours to appreciate its full robust flavour and bouquet.


“One of the potentially immortal Merlots of the 21st Century.” – Villiers de Villiers


Cultivar: 100 % Merlot


Price: R368/Bottle




Alchohol 14.5%
Ph 3.47
Residual Sugar 2.9 g/L
Acidity 6.1 g/L
Merlot Reserve

De Villiers Shiraz – Mourvèdre Reserve 2010


Inky purple in colour, the delicately perfumed nose features potent violet and lavender aromas deepened by liquorice, espresso and a musky afterbrush.


Roast fig and plum sauce flavours displaying gentle harmonious tannins lending support – remarkably balanced, pure and luscious, with outstanding persistence on the silky finish. Well suited to game such as wild duck with Chinese greens and venison tagine.


“This is one suave wine!” – Villiers de Villiers


Cultivar: 60 % Shiraz , 40 % Mourvedre


Price: R398/Bottle




Alchohol 14.0%
Ph 3.56
Residual Sugar 2.4 g/L
Acidity 5.7 g/L

De Villiers Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2016


“I can only start by saying that this is the most delicately balanced and finessed Cabernet that I have tasted since I started tasting Cabernet’s in 1977. Drinkable now and can last at least until 2070. A blue chip investment – guaranteed.” – Villiers de Villiers


Cultivar: 100 % Cabernet Sauvignon


Price: R1128/Bottle




Alchohol 14.5%
Ph 3.48
Residual Sugar 2.0 g/L
Acidity 6.2 g/L