“The alchemist of natures creation of wine”


The De Villiers family introduced their first-hand experience in the Art of Wine making to South-Africa more than Three Centuries ago. The continuation and fruition of these noble traditions are perpetuated in De Villiers Wines today. The wines are personally selected by vigneron, Villiers de Villiers from the choicest vineyards in the Cape – one of the oldest wine producing regions in the Southern Hemisphere.


Each Wine is the striving of the flawless… the “Aristos Creatus” of the alchemy of wine originating with terroirs; the vines; climatic conditions; the vintage; the vignerons; the cellar-master-blender’s artistry… nature’s gifts culminating superior quality honest wines of superlative nature world-wide.


“Honest Wines” Marquis Nicholas Gonzales – Byass – Hawkins; Tio Pepe; Gerez; Spain; October 2005.

“Parfait; Trebien” Thierry Lesne; Thierry Lesne Champagne; Epernay; Champagne; France – 1999.

“Superb Wines” Patrick Grant; Member of Grant’s Whisky Family; Edinburgh; Scotland – 1996.


Vision of De Villiers Wines.


The vision of De Villiers wines is to maintain and perpetuate these proud traditions culminating to become the first truly Global brand from the Southern Hemisphere and South African Wine region in particular (aspiring to emulate the remarkable marketing success of the Ernest and Julio Gallo Global American Wine brand and the Mouton Rothschild Global French Wine brand.


“Ideal climate-unique terroirs-choicest vineyards-superior wines.”


De Villiers wines personifies the rich history and true and unique heritage of the Cape wine region and we proudly reflect this in “De Villiers Heritage Wines”.


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